Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rolly Pollie

Brooklyn is now rolling over to her tummy ALL the time. She did it by herself for the first time about 2-3 weeks ago, but we hadn't actually seen her do it till recently. We would look away for a split second and, bada bing bada boom, she was all of the sudden on her tummy! It's like she was trying to avoid being caught in the act of rolling over or something. Now that she does it all the time, I was able to catch it on video.

Now, she even rolls over onto her tummy in her sleep. She started crying (more like screaming) in the middle of the night two nights ago and there she was on her tummy and apparently very upset about it. I rolled her back over and she went right to sleep again. What a good baby she is.

Sorry about the sqeaking. I was pretty excited to catch it on video. :)


The Ollila's said...

I can't believe how big she has gotten in just the last 2 months. I love her in red too!!
I am so gratfeul you do a blog so we can keep up with all the fun stuff she is doing. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to give her big hugs and kisses.

Amber said...

Oh, the elusive rolling...and when she starts climbing too! I always blame it on Jason..."Are you sure you didn't just roll ### over? You didn't just put ### in the chair? I don't believe you" Finally after weeks and a first hand look at the REAL culprit who can help but be excited!

I can't wait to see that cutie pie in Nov.