Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

At her preschool Halloween party:
My little superheroes ready to go trick-or-treating.
Josh got the hang of it really quick this year. Unfortunately, I could not walk the neighborhood with them, as I am preggo huge, having lots of contractions, now dilated to 3cm, and on strict bedrest. I did sit, with my feet up, in front of our house with my neighbor Lisa and our bowls of candy handing out candy to all the kiddos... and there were TONS of kiddos out. My parents, still in town, went with Matt and the tots, though, and they took video and pics for me.
This guy was scaring all the older kids by jumping at them. My kids saw this and still went up there to get candy... So brave and heroic. I think Brooklyn wanted him to jump and scare her, though.
They got a little distracted by all the cool and fun decorations throughout our neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Church Halloween party

My parents were in town visiting during our ward's Halloween party, so they joined us at church for dinner, games and trunk-or-treating. It's a good thing because I couldn't keep up with anyone, being huge preggo lady, and poor Matt could only keep up with either Josh or Brooklyn.


All dressed up - Josh is Batman (the cool one) and Brooklyn is Wonderwoman.


One of our friends - Wrenly Russon


Playing with Thor's hammer
Already eating candy...
Josh got tired of tossing the bean bag and missing... What made it even cuter/funnier is that he still cheered, "I made it" after he placed the bean bag in the hole.
Cake walking with Grandmah


Yes... That is me, not a hippo, standing next to our trunk. FYI, I was dilated to 1cm at my last two appointments, but after tonight, who knows.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The pumpkin patch

Each year, Brooklyn's preschool class takes a trip to a local pumpkin patch. Even Joshy got to participate. In fact, our whole family went this year - a silver lining on a cloudy situation. Matt's car, the Volvo, broke down yesterday and he had taken it in to get an estimate. Doesn't look good for our 13 year old car.


They picked out their pumpkin:


Then they sat down for some stories:


Then they decorated their pumpkins:


Well, Brooklyn and her friends decorated their pumpkins while Josh looked out a window and ate the snacks.


The kiddos had lots of fun.


Then we picked out our own pumpkin to take home.


We took it home and carved it:


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun at the park with Dad

Being super preggo fat, and with all the contractions, and being on semi-bedrest, the tots and I haven't been able to do very many fun things, like picnicking, playing and hiking/walking at the park (Wanamaker). So, when Daddy offered to go with us on his day off, we jumped in the car as fast as we could.


Brooklyn showed him how well she can swing herself now (despite all our efforts to show/teach her for the past year, she learned how to swing from a little girl named Marina at Waterfront park a few weeks ago).


Josh mostly played with his bulldozer, shovel and backhoe loader in the sandboxes and with the rocks.


Then they both swung with Daddy. Well, Daddy had to push Joshy.


Then they took Daddy for a walk, or a hike as they put it...


...while I sat on a swinging bench and enjoyed nature and endured contractions.