Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can you believe it??? 6 Months Old!

To celebrate being 6 months old, we took Brooklyn to a park and went for a long walk on one of their trails. She even got to ride Daddy's shoulders for a bit!

She was still too small for the baby swings, so we swang on the tire swing together.

Here are her monthly bathtime photo-ops. See how she barely fits in the bathtub now! In that last picture, right before her bath, she is actually in the action of peeing on me. Sufficed to say, Daddy ended up giving her the bath that night.

We also spent some time in our backyard this week enjoying the cooler but sunny weather. She got to experience grass for her first time and absolutely loved it! She didn't try to eat it, she just liked the noise it made when she grabbed it.

She's also learned to be loud like her momma. She yells for us when she wants our attention - usually when she's ready to get out of bed. She's also sqeaking. Yes, squeaking. It's rather adorable. I don't even care that it is really loud and you can hear her outside - as my neighbor pointed out one day.

She has also become an excellent eater! We started solids exactly 1 month ago and she is already and expert!

Brooklyn loves sitting up, but she's not yet strong enough to do it by herself. So, we have been doing some exercises like this to help her strengthen her muscles. She's gettin really strong!


travelinsuzy said...

she's so adorable vanessa!

Allie said...

I agree...she is so adorable! And I absolutely love the three photographs grouped together of her playing outside!

The Fisher Family said...

Super cute. It just makes me so sad that we haven't seen her yet. WHEN!?!?!? We love you guys!

Jason said...

What a happy baby. I love the squeak and her riding on her Daddy's shoulders. (I loved being able to cary my kids on my shoulders for the first time).

One thing...I couldn't help but notice that she still has a distinct lack of I thought our babies were bald! he he.

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...
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Don and Judy said...

You have been so blessed to have a perfect baby! I don't know how she could be any better. She is beautiful and sweet and happy. Must be the perfect parenting.