Friday, October 10, 2008

New Growth

I thought I would post about something other than Brooklyn for a change. Don't get used to it, though. :)

My hair has finally started coming in again, after falling out like crazy these last 5 months. I really thought I was never going to have my thick hair again. I am so proud of my little baby hairs that I had to take a picture. Stupid, I know. But all you mothers who have breastfed their babies know exactly what I am talking about here. And in case you don't - it is common for breastfeeding mothers to loose a great deal of hair due to hormones, etc.

Also, I bought some flowers a while ago for my front yard and am surprised that they are still blooming like this and at how big the blossoms are. I left them in their pots instead of planting them because I am still trying to decide what I want (i.e. what kind of plants/flowers, colors, where to put them, etc.). Hopefully I will have decided what I want by the Spring. But for now, I am just enjoying having a little color in my yard.


Allie said...

I remember my hair falling out like crazy too...what was really embarrassing was when the my hairdresser mentioned it really loud in front of a bunch of strangers!

The Ollila's said...

I, too, remember getting excited when I had those little baby hairs coming back in. I was always glad I hadr a lot of hair because I think I would of been bald with all the hair loss I had!!
The flowers look so pretty. Way to go girl!!

Amber said...

UGH! I hate hair loss, not that it makes me look bad or that I have to deal with new growth, but rather I loose so much when I'm pregnant, after I give birth, while I'm breastfeeding...that our shower is constantly drunk on drano and I've found no solution that actually works to get it to last more than one shower.

I like the flowers and I'm glad you still have some color in your yard. When your trees loose their leaves and your grass go brown?

Don and Judy said...

I remember the joy of new hair growth, I have experienced it many times. Your mums are beautiful! They should bloom all fall if you keep them watered. If you should decide to plant them in the ground after they are through blooming, they will come back next year.

VirtualM said...

I actually wanted to lose the hair - I have insanely thick hair to begin with, to the point that it's unruly - and it never happened. Now my hair is extra fat and it has to be thinned like crazy every time I get a haircut.