Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Birthday Party!

We celebrated Brooklyn's 3rd birthday this year with a real birthday party. We rented out her gym (Rollie Pollies Gym) and invited ALL of her little friends. 20 kiddos and their parents came to play. To say the least, we all had fun, and even I was able to enjoy it all, too. Pictures say a thousand words, and I have a thousand pictures, so here they are...











Brooklyn's favorite event - the beam.

Brooklyn looks so cute in her birthday outfit that her grandma sent her.


After playing in the gym for an hour, we headed into the party room for lunch and cake.

 The cake... it's a ladybug (just in case you couldn't tell).

We didn't have time to open all her presents at the party, so we took them all home and opened them while the babies took their naps. She was very excited about every single one of them.
We were so happy all of her friends from preschool, church and our neighborhood could come and share with Brooklyn her birthday fun. She is more than lucky to have such wonderful and sweet friends.

 There was one present in particular that she had to try out right away. And, what better way to wash off all that cake and pizza when it is warm outside, eh?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Under construction

We have been updating our floors in our house these past few weeks. We started with the kitchen by installing tile over our existing laminate flooring. It is a dark tile, but with all the light that comes in, it looks AWESOME!

Then we moved on to the main room floor. It was intially carpet, but with two littles, it just had to go. So we initially decided to go with the cheaper choice and just extend the existing wood flooring from the hallway into the main/living room. But, after the installer got started, he realized that weaving the new floor into the existing floor was not an option. But, because he had already began sawing into the existing floor in the hallway, there was no going back.
Soooooooo, after some negotiating and a little bit of complaining to the company we used, we decided to just replace ALL the flooring in the hallways, entryway and main/living room with a darker (and more attractive) wood flooring. I was happy to finally have this project finished. I was really tired of walking around on exposed slab and splintered wood flooring. Doesn't it look great?!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brooklyn's Birthday

Today was Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday. I can't believe she's 3! This year she is going to have a real birthday party, with friends and everything on Saturday. But, we still celebrated her birthday today with presents from Mommy and Daddy (and Joshy). She got Buzz and Woody dolls (three guesses as to what her favorite movie is), a fishing pole, and her very first pets... FISH!  We had the tank set up for her this morning, and after breakfast, we went to the pet store and she picked out her fish. She named them, Mommy, Daddy, Joshy and Brooklyn. :)

Then, as a nonrelated event, we had a wood flooring salesman come to our house to help us pick out the new wood flooring and to give us the final/revised estimate. At least Brooklyn enjoyed playing with all the samples. :)

After he left, we packed up and headed to the beach for a couple of hours. Brooklyn really wanted to try out her fishing pole, but on the first cast, it got tangled up really bad and then got stuck and we couldn't go fishing anymore. She was pretty disappointed, which proves she's got some Fisher in her yet. :) So, with fishing no longer an option, she just dug holes in the sand and chased waves.

Joshua really enjoyed the beach, too. It was his first trip to the beach this year, so sand was a new and interesting substance to him. He tried to eat some, but after some crying and a paci for a plug, he decided that was not a good idea. So he just dug in the sand just like Brooklyn, and chased waves, just like Brooklyn. :)

Then we came home, ate some Arby's (Brooklyn loves roast beef sandwiches) and, after Happy Birthday and 3 blown out candles, we had some ice cream cake.

After baths, Brooklyn got to fall asleep on the couch watching... you guessed it... Toy Story 3. :) What a fun Birthday.


With our house still under construction, we didn't get to focus very much on this past Easter holiday. But, thanks to some awesome neighbors, we did get to participate in a fun egg hunt.

Brooklyn and I also decorated a few eggs this year. And on Sunday, I gave the kids little Easter baskets with some fun little toys in them.

Then it was off to church (did I mention I have been called as the nursery chorister? SO FUN!).

After church, we decided to go out to eat... I couldn't spend another moment in our torn up house. Brooklyn picked the place - IHOP.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.