Monday, February 18, 2008

Texas-size Baby Shower!

As most of you know, Matt and I were in Texas this past weekend and were given the best baby shower ever! The food was fantastic, the entertainment was excellent and the company was countless. I was so happy to see so many friends and family there. THANK YOU ALL! We were also very excited and very appreciative to have received so many gifts, especially since we had nothing to start with. We have the best of friends and the most awesome families!

We had so much fun all weekend with our friends and family, and we wish it could have been a longer trip. We arrived late on Wednesday night and on Thursday Matt hung out with Alicia and I hung out with my sister Cassandra, and then we went out to eat for Valentines Day with Justin and Crystal to Culpeppers, which was soooooooooo good (expensive, but highly recommended)! On Friday we had spent the majority of the day at Melissa's house in Azle. We played Guitar Hero and all of us got hopelessly addicted to it. Saturday was our baby shower, which was, of course, phenominal! We hung out the rest of Saturday with my famiy in Irving. We visited Tiffany and Alicia on Sunday for a short time before our flight left that evening. Hopefully we will be able to make it back to Texas for Thanksgivin or Christmas this year, and make it a longer trip.

Also, just an FYI, I had another doctor appointment today and everything looks absolutely perfect! Everything is right on track for our April due date. Now that we have most of our baby stuff, we feel a lot more prepared and just can't wait!!

The cake my sister Michelle made. The YW of Euless 1st Ward.

Guests at the Baby Shower...

Guests at the Baby Shower...

More guests at the Baby Shower...

Matt's present at the Baby Shower... Dad's diaper changing tool belt. Pretty funny!
Alysa. Ian and Patrick.