Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring has sprung all around

This spring, we had a family of house finches lay a nest on the wreath I forgot to take down after Christmas. We enjoyed watching the eggs hatch, babies grow, eat, and then fly away one by one. I did not enjoy having to clean up the mess they left behind on our door, though.

We also are enjoying the blooming wisterias planted in our backyard.

The nest on the wreath.


The last one to leave the nest did not go far. I think it needs some more practice. I can seriously see this little guy walking around saying, "are you my mother?" 
Our beautiful, late-blooming wisteria.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brooklyn's 5th Birthday Bash!!!

First let me state,

My little Brooklyn has turned five, and is, of course, going on 16. She is the most delightful, interesting, inquisitive, comedic, kind, loving, intelligent, beautiful, little girl a mother could ever ask for. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter, and as my oldest child. She is a great little mother to Josh and Alayna, too. We love her so much and are so excited (albeit not even near as excited as she) that she turned 5 years old today. So many things will happen this year for her and she could not be more excited and ready for it all.

So, for Brooklyn's fifth birthday, I asked her many, many months ago where she wanted to have her birthday party, and she quickly said, "Chuck E. Cheeses!" So, we did. But, not before she had her other celebrations at preschool, at home, and even at T-ball.

First, she received a package from each of her Grandmas... oh, and Grandpas. :)

Then the night before her Birthday, she had her very first T-ball game. And, her luck, we were in charge of snacks for that game. So, of course, we brought cupcakes (along with blueberries and carrots, mind you) and her team sang Happy Birthday for her.  
Then we had our traditional donuts for breakfast, and sang to her with candles and all.
We gave her the bike we got her before Matt had to go to work. It was well received. :)
 Then, she got to celebrate her birthday at preschool with all her preschool friends... so glad, too, because she wanted to invite all of them to her other birthday party, and that was going to be pretty expensive. :)

Eating cupcakes at preschool with all her friends. 
Then, there was the Chuck E Cheese party. Her invite list was not as large as it could have been, since we celebrated at T-ball and preschool prior, but her very closest friends were invited and most of them were able to come. We are so happy that she is so loved by her friends.
Having fun prior to sitting down to eat.
Gabby and her parents (Jen and Eric)

Sitting down to eat and wait for Chuck E to visit.
Singing happy Birthday...
The cake... she asked for a rainbow cake with butterflies. Brooklyn is very lucky to have such an accommodating momma... especially when it comes to cakes. :)
Then there was dancing..
Tearing into presents. She opened them so fast, I couldn't keep track! So much for thank cards.

Finally, Brooklyn got to take a turn in the ticket tank... or whatever they call it. She did pretty well, too. She caught the coupon worth 1,000 tickets...
She made out rather well this year... thanks to all her friends and family, of course. 
On our way home, she fell asleep in the car... not at all surprised.  :)
Happy Birthday, my little big girl!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eating solids...

So, Alayna is just over 5 months old, now, and I decided to introduce her to solids... just to shake things up a bit.

She needs a lot of practice. :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Loving Big Brother

Josh has finally warmed up to Alayna. He finally asked to hold her, and he even kissed her! I am so glad that he has fallen in love with her like the rest of us, now. Took long enough! He is going to be a wonderful big brother.

Alayna may not have been as excited as Matt and I were at Josh's new found affection for her.
Alayna is so lucky to have such a loving big sister, and now a loving big brother.