Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brooklyn's 4th birthday

Our little lovebug turned 4! She got to celebrate her birthday at preschool with cupcakes and a crown. Then, that night we went to her favorite restaurant - Chick Fil A - with some of her best friends. The next day was her birthday party at Wannamaker Park where we played on the playgrounds, had pizza for lunch, cupcakes, opened presents, and then played at the sprinkler pad. All her friends were there and made it a very special birthday party for our little 4 year old. Brooklyn is so excited to be four, now. She says, "Now that I am four, I can do all kinds of things!" I still can't believe she's four... and then she has a moment when she sounds like a 14 year old, and I am grateful she is only four. :) We sure do love our big girl!
All her presents from Mommy, Daddy and Grandparents.

Her favorite present... Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Fisher!

Her Birthday party at Wannamaker park with all her friends.

One of her friends, William, and all the presents.

Acting silly with her friends.

Josh enjoying the party, too.

Blowing out candles on her cupcake. It was a little windy at the moment we lit the candles,
so we had to build a little wall with a pizza box.

Opening her friends' presents.

Playing at the sprinklers with all her friends.

She sure had a blast!

And so did Joshy boy.

Friday, April 27, 2012

What Matt does...

We, the kids and I, are very proud of Matt (Daddy) and what he does. He is an engineer with Boeing and gets to work on their new 787 Dreamliner. It is a very awesome project to be a part of. Recently, they had their roll-out of South Carolina's first production of the 787 and it was quite the scene. It was just for employees and media, but Matt got some pictures to share with us at home... even though every local news station had a segment on the roll out during their evening news that day.
This, the Dream Lifter, is the plane that transports all the parts or segments of the
Dreamliner to be put together here in SC. It's pretty big!

The Dreamliner!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Josh's NICU Reunion Party.

Every 2 years, the Children's Hospital (MUSC), where Josh spent 2 months as a newborn preemie, puts on a NICU reunion for all the NICU graduates. It really is a fantastic time for all! But why wouldn't they go all out... we are all so very proud of our graduates. :)

In front of the stairs and elevator Mommy took everyday to come see him.

They HAD to get in the firetruck!
 There were lots of animals for petting and holding:

Petting a baby duck.

Petting a donkey.
A fluffy sheep.

They cornered a bunny, but the bunny didn't seem
to mind too much since it didn't try to get
away as soon as they started petting it.
One of Brooklyn's favorite things - riding the pony!

Josh looks pretty natural. :)

Loads of bouncehouses!

A mini train - Josh's favorite thing.

Balloon shapes - Brooklyn's butterfly and Josh's sword.
Josh was pretty exhausted in the end. :)
But we had tons of fun celebrating
Josh's NICU graduation.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring and Hummingbirds are in the air!

We planted some wysteria in our backyard this year and the blooms are so beautiful. I LOVE spring time. It also means the hummingbirds are back. We've had a hummingbird feeder hanging in our backyard for the past two years, and the hummingbirds flock to it every spring. This year, however, we had the opportunity to "save" a hummingbird who got stuck in our garage. We had to capture it first, which I guess stunned it to the point that it just laid in my hand for about 15 minutes before it perked up and flew away. It was so majestic to hold such a tiny bird, feeling its incredibly fast heartbeat in my hand. Again... I LOVE spring!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a fun-filled Easter this year. We started Easter with our City's Easter Egg Hunt/Celebration where both Josh and Brooklyn got to participate. Then Brooklyn had her preschool Easter Egg hunt and party (Josh did not participate in the hunt as he was ill at the time and had to sit in his stroller the whole time). Then we decorated our own Easter Eggs as monsters - funny monsters! Then Brooklyn and mysef attended a local Egg Hunt where there were SO many eggs, and then a helicopter flew by and dropped even MORE eggs. It was really cool and Brooklyn got TONS of eggs/candy. She also got her face painted and participated in some of the activities there, too. On Easter, I had the opportunity to sing a duet with a friend in church as well as direct our choir in an Easter Hymn - music truly brings the spirit! After church (and naps), we had our own personal egg hunt in our backyard where Josh only cared to find 2 eggs (one in each hand) while Brooklyn found the rest - at least I hope she did. :)  I am glad we got to have a fun Easter this year. I hope everyone else had a great an Easter as we did.



Brooklyn and her preschool classmates waiting for the Hunt to begin.

Poor Joshy boy sitting this one out on account of being sick.

The loot from preschool.

Brooklyn's Monster egg
Josh's Monster Egg

Mommy's Monster Egg
Daddy's Monster Egg

Brooklyn waiting for the big egghunt to begin.. but not until the helicopter flew by.
My beautiful girl. :)