Friday, February 27, 2009

Loving and Snorting

Brooklyn can melt my heart, and then make me laugh a second later. She cracks me up! :D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I get it all??

Brooklyn likes her food so much that she will lick her plate/tray clean, just to make sure she got it all:

Brooklyn is almost 10 months old and eats at least 4 oz of fruit and oatmeal in the morning, 4 oz of veggie/meat for lunch, a generous sized snack, and finally 4 oz of veggies and 2 more oz of fruit for dinner; and sometimes she gets to eat some food off of our plates when we are eating dinner, too. So, how is it that she is underweight, you ask??? She's gotta have Matt's metabolism.

Monday, February 16, 2009


That's right! PASTELITOS!

In the Fisher family, we salivate at the mention of the word pastelitos. It means someone is coming from Miami and have brought back some yummy Cuban desert pastries. Similar to a turnover, they are a flaky pastry filled with either guava, cream cheese, or some other kind of exotic fruit, or they can even be filled with meat. They are SOOOOOOO good! I have been desiring them these past few months and wished I could make them just like the ones in Miami. Well, I did it! And here is the proof:
I am really enjoying this...

Okay, family... if Brooklyn wasn't reason enough to come visit us, maybe homemade pastelitos will help. :P

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Funny Valentine

I have the best Valentine every year. He is not the hopeless romantic type... or even the helpless romantic. He is the type that will poke fun of every mushy situation that has anything to do with romance, but somehow keep my heart fluttering. My perfect Valentine! So, I thought I would post some of his funny notes that he has sent to me in the past (while we were dating/courting). This is my funny Valentine in a nutshell:

He once sent me flowers for Easter (that's right, Easter... my man sent me flowers for Easter), and the note read this, "Beware of suspicious bunny rabbits with fangs and claws and red eye balls. Love Ya."

He sent me roses one day, just because, and the note read this, "Have a happy day. I love you more than bananas."

What a ham, right? Well, not always. While he maintains that this next one was meant to be funny, I see pure poetic love that slipped out of him one day. He wrote this note in my daily planner on a date that was months ahead, "Hi Vanessa! Like the desert sun, your smile delivers a penetrating warmth. It delivers a joy that strikes deep within, and leaves me hopelessly smitten with desire. Hope you have a great day. I love you." Pretty romantic, eh?
I chose not to post his most romantic notes and letters as they are pretty dang personal, but still brimming with wit and humor; plus he would probably maim me for doing so.

I love you Matt, my wonderful and funny Valentine! Happy Valentines Day!

I am also very excited that I have a new Valentine to love unconditionally this year! Happy Valentines Day to my newest little Valentine, Brooklyn!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diggin' for something.

Brooklyn seems to have picked up a new habit. Unfortunately, she only does this while she is eating, thus replacing what she finds up there with her food.

I also had to show off her new favorite toy... a box, of course. :)