Thursday, July 7, 2011

A fun Fourth and fireworks

We didn't do much for Independence Day this year. We hung out with Daddy all day (he finally had a day off) and after dinner, we played outside with our friends across the street with poppers and sparklers and a couple of small fireworks. Then, we all took a walk around the neighborhood and watched one of our neighbors around the corner begin to set off his truckbed full of fireworks. Finally, since Josh had to go to bed, we laid out in our own backyard, ate popcorn and watched an awesome fireworks show put on by severeal of our own neighbors! Every year they get bigger and better, too. Brooklyn enjoyed every boom, crackle, pop, whistle and fizzle. Maybe next year we'll contribute to the neighborhood fireworks show and get some fireworks of our own. Happy Independence Day to all, and God bless USA!
The Reed Family across the street - we hang out a lot.

Taking a family walk around the neighborhood till all the fireworks start

Josh was pretty sleepy (past his bedtime) so I'm not sure whether he liked them or not.

Laying out in our backyard with popcorn
 watching fireworks all around us!