Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No More Crib

Since she is now a big 2-year-old, we thought it was appropriate to change Brooklyn's bed from a crib to a toddler bed. Also, I was getting tired of having to get her out of bed every morning myself (kinda hard to do when you are in the middle of feeding a newborn). Now, I get to wake up to a sweet smiling face at my bedside most mornings (unless Josh wakes up first). She was really happy to have a "new" bed to sleep in and she has done really well staying in bed (of course, it helps to have great leverage - get out of bed and we take away a paci).

I've been waiting for this day a LONG time. Brooklyn's hair has grown quite a bit these last few weeks - it is finally long enough to do something with it. And, she now lets me play with her hair. I've braided it, put her hair in a pony tail, and (the most popular) put "clippies" in her hair like this. This is one reason I LOVE having a little girl.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Boy Joshua

Joshua had a weight check appointment on Friday and he weighed in at 10 lbs 3 oz. What a chunker!! I know that doesn't seem like a lot for a 3 month old... but technically he is about 2 or 3 weeks old (since his due date was April 24th). So, that's pretty dang good! These last two weeks, Joshua has really become a whole new baby. He is acting like a real newborn, now. He has awake/alert time and he even cries when he is hungry. I keep forgetting how early Josh was and how far he's come already. He still sleeps a whole lot more than a "normal" full-term baby, but we are not complaining... and neither is he. :)

Birthday presents!

Brooklyn got some awesome stuff for her birthday this year... but I guess the oldest child always gets the awesome stuff, since there is nothing to begin with. Her presents from Mommy, Daddy and Joshua were her very own playground (playset) in our backyard, a tricycle and some pads of paper to paint on. She was very excited about Daddy making her a playground outside, and she is very happy to be able to ride a tricycle around the neighborhood now, and she just LOVES painting on those rainy days. She also got from her grandparents some clothes, some movies, a pair of dress-up shoes, a harmonica, tatoos and a sand/water table. She has had so much fun with all her presents and we wanted to thank everyone for celebrating her birthday with us and for all her presents. We are so glad she is loved by so many.

While my parents were here visiting us, I made another cake for Brooklyn's birthday... and this time, I decorated the cake as her most favorite cartoon character - can you tell who it is??? :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun at the Beach

With my parents visiting, we all packed up a lunch and spent the afternoon at the beach. It was a perfect day... not to hot, not too cold, just right. Even Josh enjoyed it. He had a blast sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping some more, and then some eating, and then even more sleeping.

Brooklyn tried out the boogie board with Daddy. She did fall off once, but got right back on for some more.

After boogie boarding, she took off running and did not stop till she was just a speck of yellow with Daddy trailing.

As luck would have it, our beach fun fell on the same day that the Aquarium's sea turtle rescue team decided to release their sea turtles back into the ocean. Here, Brooklyn and I, along with Papa and Nama, were waiting for the turtles to arrive.

There's one of the turtles! Go turtle!! You can make it!!!

He made it! That's one big turtle.

On our way back to the car, Brooklyn found a ladybug and she was really really excited about it.

After a majorly fun day at the beach, one can't be surprised by this...