Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year, we got to celebrate Halloween in many ways:
Me and the kids went to the pumpkin patch with Brooklyn's preschool class and got to decorate little pumpkins.
Picking out her pumpkin.
Brooklyn's class listening to a story about pumpkins.

After picking out their pumpkins to decorate.

Decorating their pumpkins.

As all the kids, including Brooklyn, were sitting and intently listening to the story/book, Josh was playing with the door stoppers.

Trying to pose for Mommy.

A few days later, we as a family went back and picked out our own pumpkin. We got a really really big one this year. It was as big as the kids! Brooklyn refused to stick her hands inside the pumpkin to help Matt clean it out. But, she did LOVE drawing on it.


Then we had a little neighborhood Halloween party at our house with a couple of games for the kiddos to play, like wrapping each other up as mummies and digging through some yucky stuff for treats. We all had fun hangin' out with our neighbors and friends.

Playing with the slime I made... SLIME FIGHT!

We also got to attend our church's Halloween Trunk or Treat and party. We took our pumpkin and decorated our trunk a little, ate some dinner, trunk or treated, and played some games.

Brooklyn got to have a little Halloween party and wear her costume to preschool on Halloween. She was so excited to show her costume to her teachers. She LOVES her teachers so much. She always wants to tell them things she learns at home.

Then, of course, we took the kiddos trick or treating in our neighborhood. It was so much fun, as our neighborhood had a horde of trick or treaters and some homes even set up tables with hot cocoa and cider for us moms and dads, too.

Getting ready to go get some candy.

Trick or treating!

After trick or treating, we hung out a bit with our friends across the street. Then, Brooklyn and Josh dumped all their candy out and dug in... as did Matt and I. :)