Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Alayna is here!

First pics with mommy and daddy.
Alayna hangin out in the nursery while Momma was in the OR.
It all started at around 4 pm on Saturday while Matt and I were at the movies (watching James Bond Skyfall). My mom insisted we go out on a date, our last one for a while, so we did (didn't take much convincing). I started having back pain about halfway through the movie. It got worse by the end, so we skipped dinner and went home to call the doctor, grab our hospital bag and head to the hospital. We got to the hospital at around 6pm and I was at 5 cm... this was definitely it. We settled in for the night hoping it would not take very long. The back pain was pretty intolerable, but after a caring nurse helped me into a different position, the back pain was illiminated. Then came the question... epidural or not? I chose no drugs to give Alayna her best chance at 35 weeks (albeit not that significant of an advantage, but still an advantage). It was actually tolerable till I got to about 8-9 cm. But the relief I knew I would feel as soon as she was born was motivation to stay calm. About 1 1/2 hours later (and after begging the doc to let me push) I was pushing. A few pushes through only one contraction, Alayna Marie was out and crying at 12:08 am on Novenmber 11, 2012. She weighed 6lbs 9oz and was 19 in long. I can't imagine how big she would've been had she made it full term. She only struggled a little bit to breathe, but within an hour was perfectly normal. I, on the other hand, had a complication with the placenta. It would not come out... It was still strongly attached. So, they attempted, quite painfully, to manually dislodge it there in the birthing room. It was still not coming out, so they took me to the OR to put me under (they said this was going to hurt too much), and literally had to rip it out and then perform a D&C. They let me sleep for a couple of hours afterwards, thankfully - I was pretty tired. I finally got some quality time with my new baby girl:

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