Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alayna at home

The day after we got home, we had Alayna's bilirubin levels checked and they had gone up significantly to the point that she looked pretty jaundice. So, her pediatrician gave us an at-home treatment, the Billi-blanket, which is actually NOT a blanket, but a board of lights that she had to lay on continuously. She stayed on the lights for about 4-5 days until her levels came back down.
Hangin with her very proud and adoring big sister. (You can kinda see the blue glowing aura in Alayna's blanket from her light pad)
Proud sister
My favorite up close pics of Alayna.
Alayna's second bath at home... her first bath at home was a bit rushed as there were other things to be done (ie put older ones to bed). She does like her baths
With a new baby at home, and momma still recovering, Josh and Brooklyn got to have A LOT more iPad time.

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