Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick!

We've been sick! Well, mostly just Brooklyn and I.

This is video of her snoring while sleeping this week. Hey, you get pretty bored at 2am when you can't sleep.

Brooklyn had a little cold the day after we got back from Christmas and had it for about a week. It went away, but came back twice as bad a week later. Last Sunday morning, she woke up coughing like a dying seal, and with a low fever. We took her to the doctor Monday morning - doctor said she had croup along with a pretty bad cold. Of course all we could do is wait it out to see if it got worse. It didn't, but it took a long time to get better. Brooklyn even lost her voice - completely! It was the saddest thing in the world. She couldn't even cry! :( She was all stuffed up, too.

Last night was her first good night's sleep (as well as mine), and today she seemed well on her way to being the happy bubbly baby that she normally is.

I, too, am on the mend - in case anyone was wondering. :)

But now Matt is coming down with it. :(


J.E.M. said...

Girl, I feel for you. We go through that cold (crap) several times a year. Croup has a nasty sound - kinda scary! Hang in there....and you get better too!!!

Don and Judy said...

Of course we are wondering about you Vanessa! Just can't have momma feeling bad for very long. Matt, we hope your cold will be short lived. We can't wait to see Brooklyn smiling and happy again. Her snoring picture was quite sad.

Allie said...

I love the new pics of your family! Great photography. Hope y'all are feeling better.

The Ollila's said...

So sorry to hear you had all been sick. It is so miserable not being able to sleep. Good to hear you are on the mend though.

We miss you all so much....already!
Give Brooklyn big kisses for us.