Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Now that's forward thinking!

Brooklyn has started crawling forward these last couple of days and is getting more and more confident each day, venturing out where no baby has been before... like the fireplace, the electrical cords to the laptop, the wiring behind the other electronics, and even the trashcan. She has become more and more curious about her surroundings too, from investigating every little speck she finds on the floor to discovering new places for her to play. With that in mind, we are finding out very quickly how much more baby-proofing we need to do.


Don and Judy said...

Yea Brooklyn! That was fantastic! Congratulations on your new chair. You are always so happy and easy to please. We love you and miss our pretty little girl.

Amber said...

What a go getter! You'll find out all too soon now what is and what isn't baby proofed. It seems like that's a never ending learning curve :)