Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have a few goals for the new year that I would like to make public. Making them public like this is somewhat motivating - I guess because I have witnesses, now.

1. Read another series of novels. I haven't picked one, yet, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know - and chances are, I haven't read it.
2. Cook more often and healthier. I forget that I am still eating for two (I am still breast-feeding). I need to continue to eat more vegetables and fruits and less sugars and sweets.
3. Get pregnant with baby #2.
4. Use coupons when grocery shopping. I wish I could be one of those shoppers that can go to the grocery store and buy $200 of groceries for less than $100. I will probably never be that dedicated to couponing, but if I could just save $30 per trip, it would be helpful.
5. Lose weight - unless goal #3 is accomplished earlier than expected. If that is the case, my goal is to not gain as much weight with baby #2 as I did with Brooklyn.

That's it. It's not a lot, but I am sure it will keep me busy. Good luck with all of ya'lls resolutions!


Don and Judy said...

Sounds like good goals Vanessa. I am sure you will be successful. Good Luck in 2009.

VirtualM said...

Good luck with your goals! I don't really read a lot of series, but Juston (and a lot of other people I know) are really into the "Mistborn" books, which are a fantasy/sci-fi series. I'll probably read them eventually. If you get a chance, the best book, hands down, that I've read in a long time is "The Blind Assassin" by Margaret Atwood. It's got a few rough spots, but it's so brilliantly written (anything Atwood's penned is fabulously written.)

J.E.M. said...

What kind of books do you like to read? Chances are, since I'm a book nerd, I've got a series for you...let me know what kind of books, and I'll give you more information than you probably want to know! :)