Wednesday, January 28, 2009

9 whole months!

Brooklyn has officially been outside the womb as long as she was inside the womb. She's 9 months old!! Here's a list of some of her favorite things right now:

crawling, standing up, wrestling, books, books and more books, eating, paper, eating paper, getting the mail, water, clapping, raspberries (not the kind you eat), pinching, her glowworm, her first tooth, and finally, her Mommy and Daddy.

She is such a sweet and adventurous little girl and we are so proud of her many accomplishments. Here are some of her stats, as she also had her 9 month well-check visit with her doctor the other day. Since I never posted her 6 month well-check stats, I will also include those so you can see her progress.

6 months - 14 lbs 11 oz (25th %)
9 months - 16 lbs 15 oz (10th %)

6 months - 25 1/2 inches (50th %)
9 months - 27 1/2 inches (50th %)

The doctor had a slight concern about her weight and scheduled her for a weight check in another 6 weeks, but assured me of what I already assumed myself - that she is probably just a petite little girl and therefore do not need to worry.

Here are some photos and videos of her being 9 months old! ENJOY!

Her first tooth!! Look closely, it's there.

She found the monitor the other morning - that was fun to hear.

Watching history!!

She loves eating her food as much as wearing it.

Raspberry fun!!


The Ollila's said...

She is just a tiny little thing. Samantha is in the 5th percentile for her weight, and if I remember correctly the Dr's were concerned about Madison being so little too. I guess it runs in the genes.

The Fisher Family said...

You are such a cute Mommy, Vanessa. It shows in all that you do that you love your little one like crazy. And she is pretty darn cute, too.

The Fisher Family said...

She is sooooooo cute and funny!
I am glad I have another cousin to love!


The Fisher Family said...
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