Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fun at the park with Dad

Being super preggo fat, and with all the contractions, and being on semi-bedrest, the tots and I haven't been able to do very many fun things, like picnicking, playing and hiking/walking at the park (Wanamaker). So, when Daddy offered to go with us on his day off, we jumped in the car as fast as we could.


Brooklyn showed him how well she can swing herself now (despite all our efforts to show/teach her for the past year, she learned how to swing from a little girl named Marina at Waterfront park a few weeks ago).


Josh mostly played with his bulldozer, shovel and backhoe loader in the sandboxes and with the rocks.


Then they both swung with Daddy. Well, Daddy had to push Joshy.


Then they took Daddy for a walk, or a hike as they put it...


...while I sat on a swinging bench and enjoyed nature and endured contractions.


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