Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Church Halloween party

My parents were in town visiting during our ward's Halloween party, so they joined us at church for dinner, games and trunk-or-treating. It's a good thing because I couldn't keep up with anyone, being huge preggo lady, and poor Matt could only keep up with either Josh or Brooklyn.


All dressed up - Josh is Batman (the cool one) and Brooklyn is Wonderwoman.


One of our friends - Wrenly Russon


Playing with Thor's hammer
Already eating candy...
Josh got tired of tossing the bean bag and missing... What made it even cuter/funnier is that he still cheered, "I made it" after he placed the bean bag in the hole.
Cake walking with Grandmah


Yes... That is me, not a hippo, standing next to our trunk. FYI, I was dilated to 1cm at my last two appointments, but after tonight, who knows.


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