Monday, July 2, 2012

Joshy boy's growing up

Josh has grown up quite a bit these last few months. Not only has he outgrown his paci (not by choice, of course - he bit off the top of the last paci in the house), he also prefers to do as much as he can by himself. Climb up in his chair, put his seat belts on, feed himself, put his clothes on, get in and out of bed... etc. It's frustrating for everyone, though, as he still doesn't communicate very well, so all we hear is "Noooooo!"
We converted his crib to toddler style so he wouldn't climb in and out of a crib
all night long anymore - that was making us a bit nervous.

The end result of Joshy boy feeding himself spaghetti. And, to be honest, the photo doesn't
do him justice. He had spaghetti EVERYWHERE.

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