Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A visit with the Moores

While Matt was away, I decided to pack my kids up and drive the 4 hours to spend some of our lonely days with my baby sis, Shantel. Her little boy, Nathan, is such fun and both Brooklyn and Josh loved playing with him and his toys. Plus, as Shantel is preggo too, misery and late night hunger loves company. :P We had so much fun hanging out, going out to eat, playing on playgrounds, swimming and visitng the most awesome little park. In this little park, there was a carousel, which Josh LOVED, little boats to ride, which Josh thought he was going to love, a train for families to ride together, and on top of that, a couple of really great playgrounds. To say the least, we enjoyed this park. I guess Brooklyn said it best, "That was the best park ever!"
Josh and Nathan playing together.
Josh was really excited to ride a boat... until it started moving.
He cried and cried until finally we got him out. Brooklyn loved it all!

The train was better... Mommy got to ride with him.

Brooklyn enjoying the train ride. She really liked saying hi
to all the people NOT riding on the train.

We rode the carousel twice. It was really fun! Brooklyn really liked that it went really fast.
A little too fast, actually. I had a hard time standing there.
It was a great lesson on centrifugal force, though.

Finally... something he LOVED.  He didn't even want me putting
my hand on his back to hold him steady.

That smile says it all, doesn't it. :)

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