Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Fun

What did we do on the fabulous 4th? We washed both our cars and played in the water a bit in the morning. We also went out for some BBQ for dinner. When we got home, we all went for an evening walk around our neighborhood, stopping for a bit at the playground, until the neighborhood fireworks started. On our way home, we stopped for a bit to watch our friends/neighbors shoot off some pretty awesome ones. Josh was a little scared and did not like the loud noises, so Matt took him home for bedtime, but Brooklyn and I stayed a while longer eating popcorn and ohhhhing and ahhhhhing some more.
On our family walk before fireworks started.

Brooklyn leading the way... as always. ;)

Hangin' with Espi, Brooklyn's neighbor and best friend, while watching fireworks.

Fun fireworks our neighbors were setting off.
I think Brooklyn liked them. :)

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