Sunday, April 22, 2012

Josh's NICU Reunion Party.

Every 2 years, the Children's Hospital (MUSC), where Josh spent 2 months as a newborn preemie, puts on a NICU reunion for all the NICU graduates. It really is a fantastic time for all! But why wouldn't they go all out... we are all so very proud of our graduates. :)

In front of the stairs and elevator Mommy took everyday to come see him.

They HAD to get in the firetruck!
 There were lots of animals for petting and holding:

Petting a baby duck.

Petting a donkey.
A fluffy sheep.

They cornered a bunny, but the bunny didn't seem
to mind too much since it didn't try to get
away as soon as they started petting it.
One of Brooklyn's favorite things - riding the pony!

Josh looks pretty natural. :)

Loads of bouncehouses!

A mini train - Josh's favorite thing.

Balloon shapes - Brooklyn's butterfly and Josh's sword.
Josh was pretty exhausted in the end. :)
But we had tons of fun celebrating
Josh's NICU graduation.

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