Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brooklyn's 4th birthday

Our little lovebug turned 4! She got to celebrate her birthday at preschool with cupcakes and a crown. Then, that night we went to her favorite restaurant - Chick Fil A - with some of her best friends. The next day was her birthday party at Wannamaker Park where we played on the playgrounds, had pizza for lunch, cupcakes, opened presents, and then played at the sprinkler pad. All her friends were there and made it a very special birthday party for our little 4 year old. Brooklyn is so excited to be four, now. She says, "Now that I am four, I can do all kinds of things!" I still can't believe she's four... and then she has a moment when she sounds like a 14 year old, and I am grateful she is only four. :) We sure do love our big girl!
All her presents from Mommy, Daddy and Grandparents.

Her favorite present... Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Fisher!

Her Birthday party at Wannamaker park with all her friends.

One of her friends, William, and all the presents.

Acting silly with her friends.

Josh enjoying the party, too.

Blowing out candles on her cupcake. It was a little windy at the moment we lit the candles,
so we had to build a little wall with a pizza box.

Opening her friends' presents.

Playing at the sprinklers with all her friends.

She sure had a blast!

And so did Joshy boy.

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