Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a fun-filled Easter this year. We started Easter with our City's Easter Egg Hunt/Celebration where both Josh and Brooklyn got to participate. Then Brooklyn had her preschool Easter Egg hunt and party (Josh did not participate in the hunt as he was ill at the time and had to sit in his stroller the whole time). Then we decorated our own Easter Eggs as monsters - funny monsters! Then Brooklyn and mysef attended a local Egg Hunt where there were SO many eggs, and then a helicopter flew by and dropped even MORE eggs. It was really cool and Brooklyn got TONS of eggs/candy. She also got her face painted and participated in some of the activities there, too. On Easter, I had the opportunity to sing a duet with a friend in church as well as direct our choir in an Easter Hymn - music truly brings the spirit! After church (and naps), we had our own personal egg hunt in our backyard where Josh only cared to find 2 eggs (one in each hand) while Brooklyn found the rest - at least I hope she did. :)  I am glad we got to have a fun Easter this year. I hope everyone else had a great an Easter as we did.



Brooklyn and her preschool classmates waiting for the Hunt to begin.

Poor Joshy boy sitting this one out on account of being sick.

The loot from preschool.

Brooklyn's Monster egg
Josh's Monster Egg

Mommy's Monster Egg
Daddy's Monster Egg

Brooklyn waiting for the big egghunt to begin.. but not until the helicopter flew by.
My beautiful girl. :)

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