Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Years 2011

The day after Christmas we packed up our bags and drove up to Topsail, NC to enjoy a week at a lovely beachhouse ( with my brother, Dan (thanks Dan and Dan's inlaws!), and his family and my sister, Shantel, and her family. It was a BLAST. Granted, it was too cold to enjoy the beach in its most traditional manner (with the exception of a couple of crazies who dared the freezing cold water one afternoon), but playing in the sand is just as fun when its cool outside as when it is hot. We also enjoyed long strolls along the shell and sea-glass filled shores. We brought back memories and lots of beautiful beach rocks and shells.

She seems so comfortable up there on the stage.

Josh and Nathan - Friends forever.

My AWESOME siblings.

Well of course we played Settlers!

Averi and Nathan figured out the best way to enjoy the beach.

A two-headed mermaid in the sand.

Kaili and Brooklyn warming up in the jacuzzi tub, bubble bath style.

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