Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Better late than never, right?

The Christmas holidays 2011 were a blast (minus the colds we had to get through). First of all, I got most of the Christmas shopping done within the first week of December... way to go me! This year, Brooklyn really wanted to get Mom, Dad and even Josh a present, too. She truly enjoyed the spirit of giving there. We decorated a gingerbread house and ate it. Brooklyn's preschool had a wonderful Christmas party with a cute little program for the parents, too. Brooklyn got to try out ice skating for the first time. We had a church Christmas party. We went carolling to our neighbors. We made and decorated Christmas cookies for Santa. Made and ate our traditional, Christmas morning, made-from-scratch, cinnamon rolls (yum!). Enjoyed a wonderful Christmas church service, wherein I was priviledged to sing a solo. We then enjoyed our intimate Christmas at home with our little family. :) Hope everyone else had as lovely a Christmas as we did.

Our little gingerbread house.

Brooklyn's preschool Christmas program -
she's playing the triangle... and very well, too.

The Christmas party after the program.

Brooklyn ice skating for the first time. She really is a natural, too.
After just an hour, she was skating on her own.

Josh's cookie for Santa.
He couldn't help himself - he had to taste it.
Brooklyn's cookie for Santa.

Just after Santa left.

Brooklyn excited about putting the star on the top of her Christmas countdown tree.

Brooklyn was a VERY good girl this year. :)

Joshy was a VERY good boy this year, too.

My cinnamon rolls - they are getting better every year, too.  Can't wait till next year!

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