Monday, February 13, 2012

Josh Turned 2!!!

Just two years ago, this adorable little man blessed our lives with his way-ahead-of-schedule birth:

 I can't believe that tiny 3 1/2 lb preemie has grown into this:

He is now weighing in at 25 1/2 lbs and is in the 21% in weight and height for a normal 2 year old.  Way to go Joshy boy! His head is even bigger than normal measuring in the 58%. Again... way to go Joshy boy! He is talking lots and has a pretty large vocabulary now with his favorite phrases being, "big truck", "watch Cars", "I love you" and "silly Josh/Brooklyn" and he can even count to 10 (okay... he tries to count to 10).  He loves his family and loves playing with his sister. He's a little antisocial with other kiddos and suffers from separation anxiety, but we're working on that. :)

For his 2nd birthday, we went out to eat the night before to his favorite restuarant: Chick Fil A! He got to play on the playground with his sister and even went down the slide for the first time, and second time, and third time, etc., etc., etc., and we had to pry him away from the slide to eat. :) He also got his first ice cream cone - his very own. 
Josh's first ice cream cone - he experimented with different
ways to eat it... this one being his favorite way.
Can you guess where he learned that from??? :)

For his birthday, which was a Sunday, we took cupcakes to church to share in nursery with Josh's other nursery buddies. That night we made home-made pizza (Josh's favorite food) and had cake in the shape of a "big truck". We invited our close friends/neighbors (the Reeds) to join us in the little party we had for Josh.
Opening his presents.

Josh's "big truck" cake.

Our little party for Josh with our friends, the Reeds.

He destroyed his piece of cake. :)

Then he tried to smear it on me.

My sweet little birthday boy.

Happy Birthday to our little Joshy boy!

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