Monday, October 3, 2011

Texas Trip Part 3: Six Flags and then some...

After overstaying my welcome at Michelle's house (J/K, Michelle; I know you cried when I left... but so did I - love ya sis!), I stayed with my older sister Cass and her family of 5 kiddos for a week or so. While there, we hung out around the house watching our children play with their many toys, went to the park/splashpad, went out to eat, played at the church, went bowling, swimming, and of course there was SIX FLAGS!! Brooklyn was so excited to ride her first rollercoaster and she developed a love of rollercoasters just like her momma. :) Fortunately, she was just the right size to ride all the family rides and even a couple of rollercoasters and then all the kiddie rides by herself. And boy did she have fun! Granted it was hot, but with unlimited refills on drinks, and all the water rides and sprayers, we stayed pretty cool. Here are some pics from our fun and adventurous time with the Smiths:
Josh walking up to the Smiths' door.

 Six Flags!!:
The crew in front of the fountains.
Josh & Brooklyn riding the carousel.
Our first ride.

The log ride.

The other half of our crew on the log ride.
Gettin' nice and cool on the cave ride.
(formerly known as Splash Water Falls).

The big splash!
Brooklyn was brave enough to stand on the
bridge and let that giant wave of water soak her!

Ridin' the airplanes in the kiddieland.

Josh didn't like ridin' without Momma.
It took him a few rounds to finally see
how fun it was even without Momma.

You can tell who this ride is supposed
to entertain... the ones with big smiles
on their faces. :)

Ridin' a roller coaster!

Josh and Chanelle enjoying the truck ride
in kiddie land. Josh really loved this ride.

Can't go to Six Flags without having funnel
cake at the end of the day. :)

Josh loved his cousins, Chloe and Chanelle. They read him books almost every night. They even babysat him and Brooklyn one night for me while I went out with my friends, and my kiddos did not seem to mind at all. :)

Chanelle and Chloe, again being awesome cousins, put together a fun little tea party for the little ones. And since Brooklyn just loves tea parties, she had lots of fun.

Brooklyn's first time bowling. She even got one strike.

Swimming at Cimmaron water park again.

Josh loves going under water!

We had such a blast staying at Aunt Cass' house and playing with Cannon, Camilla, Cameron, Chanelle and Chloe. They are all so such fun and we love them all so much, and we can't wait to visit with them again. But, our Texas trip was not quite over, yet...

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