Monday, October 3, 2011

Texas Trip Part 4: Museum and then some...

After saying our sad goodbyes to the Smiths, we stayed a few nights at Marc & Sarah's home in Lantana. They have such a beautiful house and again, so many toys. We wish we could have spent more time with them, though. Josh and little Brielle followed each other around the house and even snuck a few kisses, and Brooklyn, of course, loved playing with Liriel and Savannah and even watching Dallin and Christian play. My favorite part was reconnecting with my long lost brother and becoming kindred spirits with my sister-in-law. I hadn't seen them in over 4 years prior, so this was long overdue. I loved spending the evenings talking and sharing, and I learned so much just listening to them. Marc is so wise, and Sarah is the most amazing example of a woman.

Playing with their toys in their garage.

Avanlee doing what every 13-year-old does.

Playing with more of their many toys.

We went to play at Alicia's house one night:

Afterwards, we moved on to our last destination, Melissa's house (Matt's sister) in Azle, to await Matt's return to Texas. While there, me and the kiddos went swimming in their pool and one day met Alicia and Ian at the Science Museum (all the other kids were already in school and very busy). After Matt got back into town, we swung by my old roommate's house (Crista) to say hi. Back at Melissa's house, we enjoyed spending time with all of Matt's family, or at least the ones that still lived there in Texas. Even his parents came into town to visit with us all together. We had fun swimming, eating and playing soccer.

Playing with Madison

Brooklyn and Josh both LOVED their cat and dog, too.

The Science Museum:
This giant Light Bright was a hit with both Brooklyn and Josh.

Brookly sitting in a giant dinosaur footprint
Seeing the dino stuff was Brooklyn's favorite
part of the museum.

The enormouse dino skeleton.
Even Josh was impressed.

Brooklyn's favorite exhibit - diggin' up dinosuar bones.

Josh at the dino dig.

Brooklyn and Ian in the kiddie area.

Ian dressed up Brooklyn for the stage.
Ian, Brooklyn and Josh playing with legos.

Brooklyn and Ian grocery shopping.

Brooklyn's grocery cart. She knows how to shop!

This is how Joshie goes grocery shopping.

Me and my old roommate, Crista:

Family gathering at Melissa's:

Hangin' out at the pool at night.

A little bit of night swimming for the kiddos

Look what Brooklyn can do, now!!!

Brooklyn swimming with Daddy and Uncle Patrick.

All the cousins swimming.

My beautiful in-laws looking on.

Playing kick-ball!

Josh hangin' out with Grandma.

Josh's passion - anything that has wheels.

Playing soccer.

Well, the kids were playing soccer while Matt
and the other adults tried to keep up with them. :)

After a couple days in Texas as a complete family again, we hit the road back to South Carolina... back home. I missed being home, but we were very, very sad to leave all that family behind for another who knows how many years. We had a wonderful extended vacation there in Texas and enjoyed every day of it.
Brooklyn enjoying stickers in the car ride home.
Who knew stickers could be so entertaining!

Thank you to all those who opened their homes to me and my family and for entertaining us. We all love you all SO much and can't wait to see you all again!

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