Friday, September 16, 2011

Texas Trip Part 1: The Reunion!

We left South Carolina on July 29th and rolled into Texas the next evening (on our anniversary, mind you), to participate in the 2nd Fisher Family Reunion. It had been 4 years since our last reunion and this was long overdue, not to mention 8 new little ones had been added since then. My little family stayed with my sister, Michelle, and her family in Garland. The rest of the families stayed with the other Texans spread about the metroplex. We got together everyday for a week and had LOTS OF FUN!

We started with Sunday church (we took up three whole rows), and ended on Saturday with a trip and donation to the Dallas Childrens Hospital. In between all that, there was a water park, a talent show, a treasure hunt, lots and lots of games, crafts for the kiddos (and the kids at heart), a day at the lake (with jetskis and all kinds of water toys), a swimming pool, Jumpzone, a Ranger game,  loads of family pictures, too much food, and more memories than we could handle (thank goodness for photographs). It was a lot of fun spending so much time with our entire Fisher crew once again. Here are just glimpses of how much fun we had:

Thank goodness our babies can sleep
pretty good in the car.

All the grandkids (19 total) after church.

The Mayberry portion of the Fisher Family Reunion Talent Show.

Playing Secrets with all the grown up kids.

Matt and Brooklyn on the jetski at Lake Ray Roberts.
Building a human tower at Marc and Sarah's pool.

At Cimmaron Park in Irving:

Playing games and having fun:
The VERY proud Grandparents.

The Family pictures:
The Grandkids.

The Whole Family!

The bigger we get... the sillier we get, too.

Thanks to all my brothers and sisters for making this reunion so much fun and such a memory for us all. I love you all so much and miss you terribly. I can't wait to see all of you again!

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