Saturday, September 10, 2011

July, in a nutshell...

July was mostly spent caring for and treating one thing after another, some of which were a little strange. On top of it all, I was preparing for our month-long vacation to Texas (photos/posts to come later). It started with Brooklyn catching a wicked cold... in the middle of the summer, no less. Then Josh caught it, and had his usual croup. They both got better, but then only a few days later, Josh developed a high fever that lasted for about 3 days followed by a horrible rash all over... mainly his legs, though. Diagnosis: roseola, but I had my doubts as the rash was pretty horrific and he was pretty uncomfortable. A week later, Brooklyn developed high fever, vomitted once, and then had a few spots show up days later, but no real rash, and because she was much older, it was determined not to be roseola, but just some other virus. Then, that weekend, Brooklyn's eyes swelled up, alternating back and forth all weekend ~ very strange. We did take her to the ER, and confirmed that it wasn't anything serious, but they did think it was weird. Finally, after all that, we all developed a bit of cabin fever (can you blame us?), and decided that the best cure was a day at the beach. :)

The beginnings of his rash... it got worse than this, too.

Brooklyn's swollen eye in the morning.
Even her ear was a little swollen.
She woke up looking the same the next day, too.
By the end of the day, both days,
her other eye was swollen like this.

Our beautiful lillies and snapdragons.

A picture Brooklyn drew of our family - had to share. :)

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