Friday, January 7, 2011

Joshua is moving...

I thought I would update all y'all on Joshua since his next update will be his ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!!! That's right, my little preemie turns one next month! I absolutely cannot believe it! It really snuck up on me.

So, what is Joshy-boy up to these days? Well, he is still learning to crawl. He has developed a means of mobility I can only call "army crawling" as it is closer to that than anything I've seen. But, it is pretty fun to watch (see video).

He is officially strictly formula fed now, as I finally ran out of breastmilk from the deep freezer. He actually had his last bottle of breastmilk on New Years Eve. New year, new food, I guess. He can also eat almost anything now, inlcuding meats, and even food from the table that is healthy enough, small enough, and soft enough. He has his preferences, too. He wants what he wants and when he wants it. Sometimes I will end up opening three different tubs of food that I know he likes before I finally get it right. He loves baby food green veggies, baby food purple fruits, canned green beans, kiwi, and real bananas (not the baby food bananas). He also loves feeding himself (which he has been really good at for some time).

He last weighed in right at 17 lbs., and barely fits in his 9 month old clothes now. He mostly wears 12 month clothes because he is very broad chested (like his Daddy) and has a long body. He poops regularly now (which is a big deal as he has had some issues with that in the past). He is growing more hair on his head than Brooklyn was at this point (but that is not really saying much) and it is brown... not blonde like his sisters. He has the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen and I get lost in them all day.

He laughs, immitates sounds, plays with toys (especially cars and trucks), and adores his big sister (who also adores him just the same). He is very curious, too. He'll watch something that makes sounds or lights up and he furrows his brow as if he is trying to figure it out. He cries when he thinks he is alone in the room and is instantly cheered up by the appearance of his big sister (if me or Matt appear, he will just fuss until we pick him up). He prefers to be held most of the time, which has made Brooklyn just a little jealous, to the point that she asked me to hold and rock her to sleep like I do for Josh.

To sum up, Josh is a healthy little baby boy who has come a long way from the little 3 lb 8 oz preemie almost 11 months ago. We all love and adore his perfect little face and his big precious smile.



Tiffany said...

Way to go Josh!

Don and Judy said...

Who, could not absolutely fall in love with that sweet face and smile. He is a beautiful boy! I miss him!

The Ollila's said...

Yeah, he is the cutest little boy!! I can't believe he will be turning one soon. Soooo crazy!!! We love and miss you all tons!