Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Girly Every Day

Brooklyn has become more and more girly every day. She loves having tea parties with Mommy and Daddy, but absolutely goes nuts when she gets to have a tea party with one of her friends. Her friend from Church/School came over on Saturday and she immediately asked her if she wanted to have a tea party. Lily, being more girly than Brooklyn, said yes, of course, and then suggested they get dressed up... "Great idea, Lily!" says Brooklyn. So they raided Brooklyn's closet and chose their favorite Sunday dresses to wear (as Brooklyn didn't have any dress up clothes just yet) and asked for hairbows to match.

What lovely little girls!
Then, Grandpa (Papoo as Brooklyn calls him) came to visit bringing along Christmas again. And, what does Brooklyn get from Grandma and Papoo?? Dress up clothes!! Her very first dressup dress and her very first Barbiedoll. She wanted to wear her dress today and then she mentioned that she isn't a princess because she doesn't have a crown like her Barbie. So, we made a crown. :)


Don and Judy said...

How cute! And what fun for a little girl.You are a good mom Vanessa. The crown is really cute.

The Ollila's said...

It's so fun when they are old enough to start playing with friends. They are so cute!!