Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Fun!

This is what we did for Christmas this year...

We built ourselves a giant gingerbread house... and then ate it. Yummy!  :P

 On Christmas Eve, we went to an awesome Festival of Lights display here in the Charleston area. We even got to get out of our cars to do a few fun Christmassy things... like roast marshmellows.
 Walk through a tunnel of lights.
 Ride a carousel.
 Get a closeup look at the really cool light displays.

Then it was Christmas and Santa had come and gone before we knew it!
This was how Santa left it.

Opening the first presents.
Brooklyn had already gone through Josh's stocking and most of her stocking, and was playing with her scooter and Josh's riding toy before we finally heard her and got out of bed.

One of Brooklyn's favorite presents - her very own camera (or as Brooklyn calls it, "cwamwa").

Brooklyn's loot.
 Joshua's loot - he looks pretty happy with all his presents.

My little Christmas presents! :) 
Hope you all had as very merry a Christmas as we did.


The Ollila's said...

That gingerbread house is AWESOME!! We did that with Melissa and her kids. Logan and Tanner could't even get a 1 story house up and standing. It was funny to watch them though!

Jenni said...

My daughter got me that very same ladybug pillow pet!

Matt and Vanessa said...

I think it is awesome that we have so much in common. I have been a total blog slacker. I had hopes of turning my blogs into books as a record of our lives but our life got in the way. I have plans this summer to update it. Meanwhile feel free to look me up on facebook, I'm under vanessa cartwright mayberry mesa, az (I have more recent picture of the kids on there). Your kids are adorable and it looks like your are thoroughly enjoying them. I hope this new year is filled with many blessings.
The other Vanessa Mayberry

Matt and Vanessa said...

We got Eryn that same pillow pet for Christmas :)