Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Matt's Birthday

I know this post is a little late, but we celebrated Matt's birthday a week before Christmas. Now that we have entered our "Thirty-somethings", our birthdays don't matter to us anymore, and we might go as far as wishing to not even notice them, but we still have a birthday bash (cake, presents, etc...) since we have children who appreciate them for us. :) Thanks, Brooklyn, for being excited about our birthdays for us. :)

Daddy's presents: he got chocolates, a back massaging chair mat, a calendar of pictures from Hubble's telescope, and a Rangers tie ;P.

Singing Happy Birthday and helping Daddy blow out the candles. You can barely hear Brooklyn singing over me, but she sang the whole Birthday song for him.

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The Ollila's said...

Birthdays are definitely celebrated for the kids once you hit your 30's. I guess it is good they make them fun, though.
Glad to see he had a fun "old man" party!!