Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall fun

We are so excited for Fall. The weather is awesome, and holidays are upon us. Halloween is gonna be even more fun this year since Brooklyn knows exactly what to do and is really excited to do it. In fact, I offered her a piece of candy today and she said, "Wait, I have to say 'trick or treat' first." She also picked out what she wanted to dress up as: a ladybug - and she loves telling everyone. She is ready! We also carved our first pumpkin with her this year. She doesn't like being dirty very much, so I assumed she wouldn't really want to help gut the pumpkin. But, I learned that she likes getting dirty, just not being dirty. :)

We also had a family outing last night to a local farm hosting a Fall Festival. They had all kinds of fun activities. There were small, medium and large corn mazes, and we went through all of them with the use of Brooklyn's newly developed trekking skills. She would mark the ground in the dirt with her finger as we walked so that we would know where we had been. She is the smartest little girl! Then, she would look at the map at each intersection and say, "Which way do we go? I know, this way. Come on!" and she would point and wave us to follow her. It was VERY cute. :)  There was also a cornbox, bouncy balls, farm animals, and other things that we didn't even get around to. We had a blast and will definitely be going back there next year. Even Josh enjoyed himself!

In the toddler haybale maze. She found her way through this rather easily... and a few times... and faster each time.

Marking where we had been in the big corn maze. She actually drew X's, too.
Saying, "C'mon, follow me!"

Playing in the cornbox.
On the bouncy ball - it was harder than it looked, but she figured it out (which was really fun to watch).
Joshua and Daddy having fun, too.


The Ollila's said...

How fun!!

Jenni said...

What a great tradition to start. it looks like everyone had a blast.

Don and Judy said...

Josh looks really happy there with daddy! What a fun time for your family. Brooklyn made a good leader
through the maize of corn. Wish I could see them on Halloween! Brooklyn will have a blast.