Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Latin Heritage

Brooklyn, Josh and I joined my neighbor and went to a Latin Heritage Festival at the park. It was really fun and the food was awesome, as Latin food always is. They had live Latin bands playing salsa music and more. And for the kiddos, they had a line of bounce-houses set up in the back. Now, whether that has anything to do with Latin Heritage or not, I dunno, but that is where we spent most of our time. Of course we did spend some time dancing to the music. I tried to teach Brooklyn some salsa style dancing, but she just doesn't know how to shake her hips yet (I wish I would have taken video of that, too). I hope to expose them to their own Latin heritage throughout their lives, and I guess this was a good start.  

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The Ollila's said...

How much fun!! Are you going to keep up with all these fun activities once Matt is home? You sure have kept you and those kids busy. I think that is the best way to make time go by fast. Yo are so good...and fun!!!