Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We all went trick or treating around our neighborhood together this year. It was too cute to miss. I kid you not, there were at least 100 kids walking around trick or treating. Joshy ended up falling asleep in Matt's arms (wish I had a pic of that to share - sorry), so they retired a little earlier than Brooklyn and I.

Words can't describe how cute our little ladybug was for Halloween, and these pictures don't do her justice. The video helps, though. :)  She got comments like these: "When you're that cute, you can have as much candy as you want", "She's so cute she doesn't have to say thankyou!" and my favorite, "You are so cute, I want to be your grandmother and just spoil you rotten."

The loot. The pumpkin got too heavy at the end... and so did her feet. I ended up carrying both two blocks back home, despite having brought the wagon.

At this house, the man who answered (I don't know if you can tell) was wearing a Jason mask and holding a knife. It didn't phase her one bit. She still said, "trick or treat" and "thank you"... if you can hear it.


The Ollila's said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! she is soooo dang stinkin' adorable!!! I love it!!! That sweet voice when "jason" opened the door just melts my heart. Give her big hugs and kisses for us.

Don and Judy said...

I love that sweet little voice! She is so very, very cute!
Thanks for the pictures.

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

such a polite little girl!! so adorable!

Highschool Victim 2014 said...

aww she is just WAY TOO ADORABLE(:
God bless you all(:

ChiaraDeLuca said...

oooh so nice ! :) i like your blog, passo from my