Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The things she can do...

Oh the wonderful things Brooklyn can do.

She can sit up now (for only a few seconds before tipping over) without assistance.

She can pull the blanket over her head while on her tummy! I personally thought this was a pretty cute trick.

And, while we did not get a picture of the event (too traumatizing... for us) Brooklyn can jump, yes JUMP... literally... out of her Bumbo. She was sitting on the table (yes, we know it is NOT meant to be placed on raised surfaces) and while I was making her breakfast, Matt was standing next to the table. She was sitting perfectly in her little Bumbo, but just as Matt turned away from the table, we heard a "THUD". We both turned back and she was crumpled over on the side of the Bumbo on the table face down. It was not as traumatizing for her as it was for us (mainly Matt as he felt personally responsible since he was closest). Luckily, there was no bump or bruising, and she holds her grudge against the table instead of us.


The Ollila's said...

Dang.....that is one cute little girl.

Way to let her fall and do a face plant on the table. What kind of father are you?!?!?!?!
you know i'm kidding. Love ya bro

Amber said...

Those darn bumbos - so convenient they trick you into feeling secure. Well, at least you know she's ready to move to more secure locations.

She is super cute and I love all the outfits you have her in :) so cuddly, squishy cute!

Don and Judy said...

I am glad she did not hold it against you! That must have been some cry! It is amazing how fast things can happen. She is so pretty! can't wait to see her.
p.s. You are great parents!