Saturday, November 8, 2008

She may say "Da-da" but she laughs at Momma!




The Ollila's said...

So fun!! I'm sure Matt loves her saying Dada. Does she know who dada is???

Vanessa said...

I am convinced she does NOT know what she is saying or who "da-da" is, or she would have been saying "momma" first.

VirtualM said...

Yeah I like how Matt added his own commentary.... :) you can tell him that d's are just easier to say! (just kidding of course)
Aren't laughing and talking babies the best?

Dan and Tiffany said...

Yah, it doesn' surprise me that she laughs at you Vanessa... I laugh every time I see you too!! You have such a funny face, we can't help it!! You go Brooklyn! Cute videos.

The Fisher Family said...

Yeah, they always say dada first, but that is just to make it up to them for loving mama more.

And thanks, by the way, for the compliment. I am thrilled to look like Liriel! And Brooklyn looks just like you, I have to say. Two beautiful girls, just one has more hair than the other!