Wednesday, May 29, 2013

T-Ball... Go Phillies!

All summer last year, Brooklyn told everyone she met that she was going to play T-ball next year. I don't know where she got that idea, but I guess we had to sign her up for T-ball. She was super excited about it and was just as cute out there. We started out with practices twice a week for about a month. Then our first few games were rained out. So, her first game ended up being the day before her birthday. After that, we had a busy season, and our team was actually pretty good! They don't really keep score, and they don't really count any outs they make... they just have the entire team bat each inning. But, of course, us parents counted all the outs they made. Brooklyn even made a couple herself. Very proud of our little T-baller.

Throughout the season of games:

Brooklyn's first hit:

Playing defense... she's ready. Well, she looks ready.
Her first "catch" and throw...
She's got pretty good form, too... well, for a 5 year old who can barely hold the bat up, at least. ;)

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