Friday, May 24, 2013

An earned trip to the zoo

Josh began potty training a while ago, and he earns stickers for going peepee on the toilet. Once he fills up his chart with stickers, he gets to go to the zoo. Well, he did it! He finally filled up his chart, so I had to take them to the zoo. This time, I took all three by myself on a weekday. It was less stressful and more fun than expected. I am even ready to do it again... when Joshy earns it, that is.

Checking out the peguins
A peacock who liked Brooklyn's peacock sounds 
Doing what my kids do best... climb on things.
Alayna enjoying the trip, too. 
Feeding the birds. 

We HAD to ride to train, of course. 
Watching those silly meerkats, one of our favorite animals there at the zoo.
After a loooong day at the zoo, what else is to be expected... 

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