Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun at the Beach

With my parents visiting, we all packed up a lunch and spent the afternoon at the beach. It was a perfect day... not to hot, not too cold, just right. Even Josh enjoyed it. He had a blast sleeping, and sleeping, and sleeping some more, and then some eating, and then even more sleeping.

Brooklyn tried out the boogie board with Daddy. She did fall off once, but got right back on for some more.

After boogie boarding, she took off running and did not stop till she was just a speck of yellow with Daddy trailing.

As luck would have it, our beach fun fell on the same day that the Aquarium's sea turtle rescue team decided to release their sea turtles back into the ocean. Here, Brooklyn and I, along with Papa and Nama, were waiting for the turtles to arrive.

There's one of the turtles! Go turtle!! You can make it!!!

He made it! That's one big turtle.

On our way back to the car, Brooklyn found a ladybug and she was really really excited about it.

After a majorly fun day at the beach, one can't be surprised by this...


Don and Judy said...

What a fun time- and such beautiful pictures.
I guess you did this instead of a belated birthday party- or did you do both? what beach did you go too? Hope your thumb has quit hurting!

The Ollila's said...

How FUN!!! And it is pretty cool you were there to witness the turtles. I love it when things like that happen.

Tiffany said...

I'm glad that you got out of the house and spent some fun time at the beach!

Those turtles are huge. It's cool that you got to see them.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Your baby is getting so big! So cool to see the turtles!