Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday presents!

Brooklyn got some awesome stuff for her birthday this year... but I guess the oldest child always gets the awesome stuff, since there is nothing to begin with. Her presents from Mommy, Daddy and Joshua were her very own playground (playset) in our backyard, a tricycle and some pads of paper to paint on. She was very excited about Daddy making her a playground outside, and she is very happy to be able to ride a tricycle around the neighborhood now, and she just LOVES painting on those rainy days. She also got from her grandparents some clothes, some movies, a pair of dress-up shoes, a harmonica, tatoos and a sand/water table. She has had so much fun with all her presents and we wanted to thank everyone for celebrating her birthday with us and for all her presents. We are so glad she is loved by so many.

While my parents were here visiting us, I made another cake for Brooklyn's birthday... and this time, I decorated the cake as her most favorite cartoon character - can you tell who it is??? :)


Don and Judy said...

great job on the cake Vanessa! I miss seeing George-
I like her trike..something she can enjoy now and not have to grow into. I bet she and Josh will enjoy the swing set for many years. Brooklyn got to enjoy her birthday very much... she is a sweetheart

The Memea family said...

how cute! I love the cake!