Monday, April 19, 2010

ER Visit

Brooklyn had her first ER visit last night. Earlier in the evening yesterday, she and I were on a walk, and, as she always does, she ran away from me thinking we were playing a fun game of chase. I, of course, obliged and chased her trying to grab her before she ran into the street. I grabbed her hand, and as soon as I did, she buckled her knees trying to wriggle loose from my grip so as to run away and play some more chase. Well, it was the wrong move with the wrong grip and she ended up with a radial head subluxation, or more commonly known as Nursemaid's elbow. I felt SOOOO bad that I did this to her and probably cried as much as she did. Since she was not using or even moving her arm at all, we decided to take her to the ER. We were there for 2 1/2 hours, and after a quick manipulation of Brooklyn's arm by the doctors, we walked out of there with a happy child using both her arms as if nothing had happened. We were all very happy, and felt very lucky.

On our way to the hospital/ER.

In the ER after the arm manipulation (which was really sad to watch, but glad I did not have to be the bad guy). All better!


The Ollila's said...

Poor Brooklyn... That had to hurt!! So glad it wasn't anything more serious.
And those pics of her and Joshua are adorable. It is so sweet how much she loves her baby brother. Instant bond between them.

The Ollila's said...
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Tiffany said...

Don't feel too bad, it happens to those soft, whimpy kid joints. I did the same thing to my sister when she was little and I felt horrible...until my dad popped it back in and she acted as if nothing had happened.

The Fisher Family said...

Glad it had such an easy fix, but sorry for the tears (Brooklyn's and yours both, I imagine!!)