Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Brooklyn was able to go to 3 different Easter Egg Hunts. She has become a real pro at hunting eggs, now. The first one was last Saturday with our neighborhood community. The second one was put on by the City here (however, we got to this one a minute, literally, too late and all the eggs were found already. But Brooklyn was at least given one egg by the Easter Bunny). The third one was our own little Egg Hunt here at home in our back yard. Brooklyn has had so much fun and is now having so much fun eating all her candy. :)

Our first Easter Party with our community...

Second Easter Egg Hunt with our City. Brooklyn only got one egg at this one... and it was from the Easter Bunny. At the end she was just collecting flowers in her basket.

On Easter, Matt and I went to visit Josh in the hospital and then came home for Brooklyn's own personal Easter Egg Hunt at home.


The Ollila's said...

That is one lucky girl to get 3 easter egg hunts. She is just too cute and fun.

Now...hurry up and post pics of Joshua's first day home :)


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