Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had a blast today for Halloween. Even though Brooklyn has been a little under the weather the last 24 hours, we set out to celebrate as much as we could. Our neighborhood held a Halloween Festival in the afternoon at which Brooklyn and I painted a mini pumpkin - well, I painted it, but Brooklyn poured the glitter on it. Unfortunately, while our pumpkin was laid out to dry, it was taken by someone else - in the thief's defense, it really was the prettiest pumpkin there. I think Brooklyn was just excited to finally take her pumpkin out.

Then it was time for Brooklyn's first time trick-or-treating. She wore the costume from last year... that's right, you read correctly... her costume from last year - when she was only 6 months old. I couldn't believe she still fit in it! But, I was pretty excited that I didn't have to buy her a new costume this year and she still looked amazingly cute!

I got to take her trick-or-treating while Matt stayed home to hand out candy. There were tons of kids out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood this year, too. It was picturesque, really; groups and groups of kids everywhere you looked, wandering our neighborhood streets in costumes, knocking on doors, filling their sacks and buckets with candy, and parents tagging along pushing and pulling strollers and wagons. We tagged along in a small group who was toting a wagon so Brooklyn could ride in it (guess what we are getting her for Christmas this year).

She really picked up on the idea of knocking on the doors, holding up her pumpkin and then receiving candy to carry inside her pumpkin. After just a couple of houses of that, she started pointing to her pumpkin at each door saying, "more". It was pretty cute, and the neighbors just laughed, but I don't think it would be as cute next year - we'll work on saying, "trick-or-trick" next year. :) On a postitive note, she did sweetly say, "thank you" almost every time.

This is Brooklyn's favorite neighbor, Dante, who was dressed up as Jack Sparrow. He is why Brooklyn LOVES dogs.

This was her loot - she made out pretty well for her first time, huh. Of course, only half of it is actually edible to a 1 1/2 year old with only 8 teeth, but Matt and I were looking forward to that. :)
Alright, the question now is this... how long should this candy last???? Should we just let her at it since she "earned" it, and with the idea that this is a once a year kind of splurge? Or should we hide it and break it out once in a while as a treat for her?


Borton Family said...

I love her little outfit. She looks so pretty. As far as the candy goes, hubby and I have different ideas on how to do it. I like the candy to last a while. While he rather have them eat a ton and then be done with it. I dont think my kids would get sick of it.Good luck it is an on going battle in our house.

The Ollila's said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. It is nice when they will sit and watch a cartoon. That means shower time for me.
Looks like she had a great time trick or treating. After every house Ian would walk back to me and say "I got this" and he would pull out the piece of candy that he just got. He did this after EVERY house. It was so funny. THen we went to one house and they were out of candy. They kept telling Ian it was all gone but he just stood there. All the other kids ran off and Ian cried, "but, I want some". It was hilarious. He makes a good pouting face.
Now the trick is to not make ourselves sick with all the candy. Last year I bribed the kids with a new toy for all there candy. They had no problem handing over there candy for a toy. We'll see what happens this year.

Jenni said...

Take all the really good chocolate for yourself and then hide the rest and hand it out sparingly.

Don and Judy said...

Brooklyn is so cute! Wish we could have her knocking at our door. When I worked for a dentist back in the dark ages, he always told the mothers to let them have all they want for a few days and then be done with it. Who knows.

The Memea family said...

She's getting more beautiful by the minute! She was such a cute butterfly...that's awesome that you didn't have to go out to buy a new costume this year! It looks like it was made in her size, I couldn't even tell that it would fit a six month old!