Saturday, October 31, 2009

18 months old and counting...

Brooklyn turned 18 months old last Sunday, and subsequently had her 18 month well-check with her doctor earlier this week. She weighed in at a meer 21 lbs 4 oz, but toppled over at a whopping 32 1/4 inches tall.

Her height and weight aren't the only things growing, though - her hair has also grown some. Look how high it sticks up now! :)

She has learned so much in the last 3 months. She loves "talking", but we can only make out a few audible words. My personal favorites are, outside, snort (from the well-known book, Are You My Mother), please, thank you, and love ya. She continues to sign lots, though, with my personal favorite being her sign for flower. She is also learning her shapes and colors, and now loves to separate her fruits snacks out by colors before eating them. She also loves to "count" her fingers and toes, among other things. She will point to each one and say one - at least I think that's what she says.

She is also starting to truly enjoy watching TV now (she laughs at the funny parts) and her favorite show to watch is Curious George, and her favorite movie is Tinker Bell. This is how she watches TV at times.

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